Media berbagi file buku baik word, pdf, txt, epub dan lain sebagainya…

1. Advance Accounting  klik di sini advance accounting

2. Intermediate Accounting IFRS Edition klik di sini intermediate accounting IFRS Edition

3. Intermediate Accounting PPT klik di sini intermediate accounting ppt

4. Principles of Accounting klik di sini principles of accounting

5. Managerial Accounting Klik di sini managerial accounting

6. Cost Accounting klik di sini cost accounting

7. Auditing  klik di sini auditing

8. Financial Statements Analysis klik di sini financial statments analysis

9. Financial Management klik disini financial management

10. Public Sector Accounting klik di sini governmental accounting

11. accounting theory-wolkAccounting Information System klik di sini Accounting information system

12. Cost Management System klik di sini cost management system

13. Internatinal Financial Reporting Standart klik di sini IFRS

14. Standar Akuntansi Keuangan klik di sini SAK

15. Standar Profesional Akuntan Publik klik di sini SPAP

16 Akuntansi Sektor Publik klik di sini ASP

17. Financial Accounting klik di sini financial accounting

18. Mastering Financial Accounting essential klik di sini mastering financial accounting essential

19. Financial Investigation and Forensic Accounting klik di sini financial investigation & forensic accounting

20. Accounting Theory klik di sini accounting theory-scott accounting theory-belkoee

21.Balance Scorecard klik di sini Balance Scorecard Step by Step Balance Scorecard_Kaplan Balance Scorecard.ppt

22. Akuntansi Syariah klik disini akuntansi syariah

23. Activity Based Costing Klik di sini ABC & Balance Scorecard

24. Metodologi Riset klik di sini research methodology & statistic essential research methodology research methodology-kothari

25 Financial analysis and business in public sector klik di sini Flyer-Financial Analysis & Business Public Sector

26 Mastering Financial Accounting Essentials, 2010 Edition klik di sini Mastering_Financial_Accounting

27 The Essentials of Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers klik di sini The_Essentials_of_Finance_and

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